Lakeville Community Association, Inc.

    Contacts for your Association:   (281) 463-1777                     Visit the Lakeville Homeowners Website
            Your Association Manager is  Alicia Newby
            Your Association Service Manager is  Rebekah Talley
            For Billing Questions please contact Cathy Lee
            For Deed Restriction Questions please contact Ricardo Alvarez

            For ACC Related Questions please contact Sharon Griffith

            Annexation Section 2
            Annexation Section 3
            Annexation Section 4
            Annexation Section 5
            Annexation Section 6
            Annexation Section 7
            First Amendment to Annexation Section 2
            First Amendment to Annexation Section 3
            First Amendment to Annexation Section 6
First Amendment to Annexation Section 7
            Second Amendment to Annexation Section 3
        Architectural Guidelines
        Articles of Incorporation
        Amendment to ByLaws
        Amendment to the Declarations
        Parking Regulations
        Collection Rules and Installment Plan Guidelines
        Document Production and Copying Policy
        Document Retention Policy
        Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy

    Additional Community Information*

bulletSubdivision Name: Lakeville
bulletCity: Katy
bulletCounty: Harris
bulletState: TX
bulletZip Code: 77449
bulletCurrent Assessment Due Date: 1/1/2014
bulletCurrent Assessment Amount: 569
bulletCurrent Assessment Late Date: 2/1/2014 (this is the date in which the assessment is deemed late and a penalty fee is automatically added to the account)

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